bob marley

The Sound of YOUNITY

Sometimes it’s not easy to retrace the steps we have walked. The speed in which the modern world forces change makes it difficult for us not to question our purpose. Even if our roots remain strong, the atmosphere in which we coexist morphs into an unfamiliar territory. For this reason, the nostalgia of our influences births the will to worship the artists who shaped our creativity. In a world full of racism and constant separation of minorities, we tend to forget that everyones journey ends in darkness. The lack of humility and wrong pursue of ideology, creates a hazardous world, where no one is safe. Through memory, the sound of reggae projects a sense of tranquility, hope and good vibes. Apart and away from the real world of suffering and pain, music offers healing in a form of truth. YOUNITY is born, expanding on the teachings of the “last of kings”, Bob Marley. Promoting a united world where the color of our skin is as meaningless as the color of our eyes.. Recorded in-between Kingston Jamaica, and Miami Florida, the sound of MerlinMoon’s indie rock blends easily with reggae roots forming a new perspective and vision of change. Produced by Alborosie and MerlinMoon in collaboration with Pj Olsson and Juan C. Nieto, the album is set to be released Summer/Fall 2019.