The Sound of YOUNITY

Sometimes it’s not easy to retrace the steps we have walked. The speed in which the modern world forces change makes it difficult for us not to question our purpose. Even if our roots remain strong, the atmosphere in which we coexist morphs into an unfamiliar territory. For this reason, the nostalgia of our influences births the will to worship the artists who shaped our creativity. In a world full of racism and constant separation of minorities, we tend to forget that everyones journey ends in darkness. The lack of humility and wrong pursue of ideology, creates a hazardous world, where no one is safe. Through memory, the sound of reggae projects a sense of tranquility, hope and good vibes. Apart and away from the real world of suffering and pain, music offers healing in a form of truth. YOUNITY is born, expanding on the teachings of the “last of kings”, Bob Marley. Promoting a united world where the color of our skin is as meaningless as the color of our eyes.. Recorded in-between Kingston Jamaica, and Miami Florida, the sound of MerlinMoon’s indie rock blends easily with reggae roots forming a new perspective and vision of change. Produced by Alborosie and MerlinMoon in collaboration with Pj Olsson and Juan C. Nieto, the album is set to be released Summer/Fall 2019.

"Tough time to tame two talking tigers" -- MerlinMoon

Indie Rock Artist MerlinMoon Releases the Long-Awaited Album ICONOGRAPHY

MIAMI, Oct. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- After seventeen months brewing in a mind full of uncertainty, insecurity and an unparalleled vision of a road less travelled, MerlinMoon has finally released his full length debut album "Iconography", a nostalgic and pure analog odyssey. The album embodies a limited canvas of infinite notes, inspired by nostalgia, loss and unbreakable will and consists of a ten song, thirty-five minutes journey, following the EP "Lithography" released on May 5th, 2017. "Lithography" surpassed  its million YouTube views mark with more than 2.5 million minutes played in the first 90 days.

MerlinMoon presents "ICONOGRAPHY". A limited canvas of infinite notes, inspired by nostalgia, loss and unbreakable will.

Available worldwide as of October 10, 2017. The album reflects MerlinMoon's various influences: from Peter Gabriel's intense percussive bitters, with the mellow psychedelia of Pink Floyd and King Crimson, to a touch of  Sting's sensitivity and Bob Marley's subtle appeal to a higher spiritual atonement. 

As an independent artist, MerlinMoon has always focused on transforming music into an art for the soul, rather than just a form of entertainment. Music, as Plato once said, "gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."  And "Iconography" delivers. It captures the sound of a vintage vinyl recorded on analog equipment and calibrated tape machines, resulting in a soothing sound quality that reflects the nostalgic sounds record collectors and music enthusiasts appreciate and love. 

"Staying pure during this past decade of piracy and music degeneration has not only been hard but it also required a slight level of insanity," says MerlinMoon. "Iconography" was recorded and mixed in a vintage Helios Console that came from the legendary Jazz label ECM Records (Talent Studio, Norway) now at BangyBang Records studio in Miami, Florida, USA. The production team on the new album includes PJ Olsson (Alan Parson's Band Singer), M.Domain and IBeat House (Juan C.Nieto and Richard DeAvila). The sound texture of "Iconography" embodies the emotional purity and sound quality of classic albums infused with a contemporary canvas transcending futuristic soundscapes.

Limited Edition 180 Grams Vinyl LP with Poster offered exclusively through the BangyBang records website 

2. BORN TO FEEL • 3:23  
3. SAVE ME • 3:38  
4. LULLABY OF LOVE • 3:54  
5. HOLD ON TO THE MAGIC • 4:00  
6. THE SEARCH • 1:23  
7. PEARL OF MY HEART • 4:22  
8. NO MAN'S LAND  • 3:15  
10. SPIRIT RISING • 4:44

After a Decade Underground, MerlinMoon Releases Lithography EP (BangyBang Records)

MIAMI, Aug. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- After a long hiatus, MerlinMoon is ready to release. During the past ten years, MerlinMoon worked with 12-time Grammy Award winner producer/engineer Rafa Sardina; Grammy Nominee Alan Parsons, reknown for his work on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon as well as PJ Olsson, Mark Needham and Phil Tan, and yet none of the music was ever released.

Scoring the Dance Billboard chart with a remix by DJ Hector Fonseca late 2016, with the unreleased single "Believe," encouraged the idea of re-recording MerlinMoon's unreleased catalog featuring friends and artists under the concept name "Lithography."

This first edition released on May 5, 2017, features world famous producer and artist Rico Love who is featured on records with T.I., Usher, Jermaine Dupri and Jamie Foxx, and has written and produced songs for Usher, Beyonce and T.I.

The second song "BangyBang" features rapper Shawn Anthony. The Platinum Selling songwriter/artist has also been featured many times in HBO series such as Entourage, and Ballers.

The third song "Albatree" is a story of an endless journey to inspiration. MerlinMoon features his good friend PJ Olsson, lead singer of Alan Parsons Band. The EP closes with a track inspired by MerlinMoon's spiritual journey during a life changing Ayahuasca experience.

Originally "Aya" was the back curtain of the MerlinMoon's upcoming (10 track) new album "Iconography" (Oct. 10, 2017). The song features Djivan Gasparyan Jr. — grandson and successor of Djivan Gasparyan, the God Father of Armenian Duduk — who collaborated with many artists, such as Sting, Peter Gabriel, Brian May, Lionel Richie, Brian Eno and Hans Zimmer. After listening to "Duduk of the North" from the "Gladiator Soundtrack," he felt compelled to add the Armenian Duduk in one of his compositions. "It has been a great accomplishment to close the first edition of the Lithography EP with such an emotional piece," says MerlinMoon.

All music recorded and produced at BangyBang studio, Miami, Florida.