In a limited canvas of infinite notes, inspired by nostalgia, loss and an unbreakable will, MerlinMoon concludes Iconography. A ten song, thirty-five minutes long journey from the soul to heaven and hell. The album mixes Merlin’s influence of Peter Gabriel’s intense bitters, with the mellow psychedelia of Pink Floyd and King Crimson. brush strokes inspired by Sting’s sensitivity towards love and Bob Marley’s subtle touches proclaiming a higher spiritual atonement. seventeen months brewing, in-between high voltage vintage equipment and a mind full of uncertainty, insecurity and an unparalleled vision through the road less traveled. 


is an independent Label focused on innovating the musical nostalgia of classic albums that inspired generations. Founded in 2016 by Indie Artist MerlinMoon with the intention to bring back the vintage sounds of classic albums with the gravitas of new technological sound-scaping and electronic bitters.

BangyBang Studios showcases an extensive music collection of equipment and audio processors. Every piece of equipment has been customized and modified to expand its dynamic range and performance without changing its mojo. The newly installed SSL 9048k was wired to the highest standards as well as updating the components that have been worn out in the past decade to maintain the topology and intention of the designers and engineers who built it in the early 2000s. After a long road and unparalleled vision Bangybang records studio presents the versatility of some of the major corporate studios in a boutique form, accessible to all form of arts and artists seeking for a true snapshot of their expression.