YOUNITY: A Stoned-Blind Humanity.

“A stoned blind humanity, touching life sightless would lead to a racial neutral state. He who considers of any human being lesser is who defines ignorance and is who promotes the demographic division. Constantly being played, manipulated, and confused by the powers of men who make believe that the current political and economic state define the future, instead it expands the agenda of greed at the cost of humanities well-being. Confusion inside chaos require a series of blunts to neutralize judgment, envy and expand the mind's eye. Humans should care about humans deeply, plant food to feed, embrace love to heal and merciful forgiveness to make evolution possible. The Greeks dreamed of absolute democracy and technology has developed the tools for humanity to retrograde its senses towards an objective perception, away from obliviousness. Nostalgia fueled by suffering, stain our existence with the idea of belonging to a specific race, religion and nationality. The wars fought for freedom and the angry riots of equality, have been capitalized by the minorities to martyr memories into debates pouring acid in the wounds that already healed, Younity is love”

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